FAQ Scotland

FAQ Scotland is the community engagement part of a larger project that wants to prevent HIV infections in Scotland among gay and bisexual men. The project is called an HIV Needs Assessment and has been set up by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Lothian and funded by Scottish Government.

FAQ Scotland is interested in HIV prevention. We want to help make HIV and Sexual Health services the best they can be, so they can support men to have safe, happy and healthy sexual lives.

Men have taken part in FAQ by getting involved in telephone interviews or doing online surveys.

  • 154 men took part in telephone interviews. Some men did one interview, others two or three. A total of 243 interviews took place.
  • The Diary Room was the first of FAQ’s online surveys and was completed by 427 men.
  • The second phase of FAQ online was a number of thematic surveys that we called Quickies which attracted a total of 2,423 responses.

The FAQ chapters that are published here report on what we were told. Each chapter starts with an overview and a number of questions we want HIV and Sexual Health staff to consider.

We would like to thank all the men who contributed to FAQ.

You can also download all the chapters in one 10MB pdf document HERE

If you have any questions or want to know more contact Colin Morrison or Gregory Baker at FAQ. We would also welcome your feedback, tell us what you think about FAQ reports.

Email colin@tascagency.co.uk

FAQ is managed by TASC (Scotland) on behalf of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Lothian.NHS Logos